Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This takes all the angry out of me

A use for the semi-circles...
Originally uploaded by eilonwy77

I hate when words fail me but I really love this. Every now and then a development comes along in the LEGO castle genre that become one of those accepted ways of building. A standard to reach for if you will. In the past, castle builders had to stack up trans-coloured brick or plate to achieve a stained glass effect but then along came the idea of a SNOT mosaic. The mosaic technique made it easier to create a recognisable design but it was never really that stable.

Cheese slope cubes are not a new idea and now thanks to a few builders, we get to peruse through a myriad of geometric designs that push the boundaries of what you should be able to do with little plastic blocks that supposedly connect to each other in millions of different ways.

I have asked eilonwy how stable this is. Sometimes a construction with so many friction connections can be prone to crumbling when you move it or constantly having certain pieces falling out. Frustrating. I think this idea is so worthy and is such a progressive idea for castle/stained glass that if it did indeed have such structural problems, I'd find a non-purist way to fix it.
Simply put.....clear packing tape on one side. I'm a bit of a cheater like that sometimes though.


  1. Neat, it looks like someone has a fan. ;)

  2. Thanks for the nice write-up, Trevor! :-) I'm glad you liked the windows. They made me happy. :-)