Friday, October 29, 2010

No, we are not the Peace Corps!

No, we are not the Peace Corps!
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This is the write-up that goes with this photo:
When I was a child, LEGO was a very special thing. It was not like other toys with their glittering guns and missiles, LEGO was about building, cooperation, positive values etc. When minifigs came, they all smiled and had jobs like firemen, (friendly) policemen, baker, bus driver, doctor, race car driver, construction worker… They lived in a world of peace and prosperity, a world without violence or crime, without war and without monsters of any kind.

Not anymore. Minifigs have nothing to smile about anymore. Their world got tough. Cops have prison cells now, and surveillance equipment and armored cars. Secret agents fight evil super criminals, while star fighters engage in epic battles in high orbit. And the brave explorers search high and low, desperately looking for the next energy source, the power crystals, or the treasure keys, annihilating anything and anyone that stands in their way.
It is all about money now, and violence sells.

It is only natural, I guess. We must prepare our children for the battle that lies ahead. The rest of the world might not put up with our plundering of their resources much longer, and and there will be buttons to be pushed, and triggers to be pulled.
And sides will have to be chosen.

Shit, LEGO, I am still hooked, but now every hit makes me sick!

Too profound? Right on the money? Sex and violence sells; even to seven year old boys?