Thursday, July 21, 2011

Batman - LEGO Super Heroes Minifigs - DC Comics

Batman - LEGO Super Heroes Minifigs - DC ComicsSooooo....Bats gets four villains and two suits? Ist there any doubt where LEGO is putting their eggs? Superman gets Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman gets boots and the Avengers get to fight each other. I'm not really a superhero nerd but these have me pretty excited and it looks like a pretty strong line-up for the first year. DC gets a January release and the Marvel heroes get to come later in 2012 so it makes me wonder if we're looking at characters from the first two waves of sets.

The Hulk - LEGO Super Heroes Minifigs - Marvel Comics
The Hulk looks incredibly badass! I'm really glad they went with the oversized figure for him, a regular minifig just couldn't do it justice.
Wonder Woman - LEGO Super Heroes Minifigs - DC ComicsSuperman - LEGO Super Heroes Minifigs - DC Comics
Of course with the unshown Green Lantern and the previously shown Batman, we're well on our way to getting the whole Justice League....the only one missing is Aquaman. Before you comic nerds jump down my neck about that comment, just take a moment and think.....OK....admit it; that's all you really need. :-P

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