Thursday, September 9, 2010

The lonely caveman

Brickshelf user Etzel has made a nice little scene depicting a part of the daily life of a caveman. There is some really nice scenery to look at here: some bare rock that of course would be riddled with little caves for a caveman to dwell in....sigh, duh. Some of his trees are really nice, like the ones in the foreground that use the 1x3x3 arches new to this year. With those little arches he's able to achieve a nice vine-like tree with lots of variations in direction, something very hard to do with LEGO arches. This little caveman likes to fish and it would seem that he's a bit of an inventor; at least that's what that little wheel outside of his hidey-hole tells me. Oh yeah, don't drink the water. Good thing he's discovered fire so he can boil it.


  1. One of the first things I thought about those new arches would be that they might make some fun trees. And indeed, they do seem to look pretty good. ;-)

  2. Hey, angry LEGO nerd, what are your thoughts on people demanding credit for their ideas? The whole, "if you use this make sure you give me credit". I saw an incidence of it that irritated me to no end, which -- surprise! -- made me think of the angry lego nerd. Maybe you need to have guest posts. ;-)