Sunday, June 6, 2010

Anglo-Saxon Pit-House

Anglo-Saxon Pit-House
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Boring? Whatever. I love this as it's right up my alley! LEGO Peasantry and medieval life that isn't so overbuilt that it borders on the hilarious. I like the fences a lot, I noticed that TLG used something pretty similar to that in The Ostrich Race and thought it would be a wonderful starting point to making something a fence/s like these. The colouring is so nice. I like how he did not do any mottling ie: the grass is green, the path is dark tan and the house has it's own colours making it pop right off the base. I also like the timbers on the side and how there is just a hint of stone foundation to be seen. One, very small thing that I don't like is the shape of the base. More specifically, how the lowest corner [in the picture above] is more squarish than the rest of it. See? Small thing.

Oh, and the black around the bottom edge is a really nice way to finish it!

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